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Matt Backer is one of those artists that you'll probably never have heard *of*, but will have certainly heard. For the past 20 odd years he has plied his trade as a guitar-for-hire all over the world, touring and recording with luminaries ranging from Steve Earle to Cher via Joe Cocker and Donny Osmond (!). His playing and compositions have graced Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the Four Weddings & A Funeral soundtrack and recent ads for Grolsch beer.

So it was high time he released a solo album. Is That All? (out now on Warmfuzz) is an excellent debut collection: quirky, 60s-inflected pop-rock, replete with harder, bluesy edges. As a live performer Backer is a personable vocalist and effortlessly skilful axeman. You never know, you might even bump into one of his regular employers, Sarah-Jane Morris or Julian Lennon.

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