Mojo (2004)

"As an in-demand session guitarist of 20 odd years (for everyone from Steve Earle to Shirley Bassey), Backer could have expected to have long lost touch with whatever made him want to pick up a guitar in the first place. Yet on his second solo offering his feverish love of all things whammy and twangy persists among the chunkiest riffs and licks you wish you'd learned to play, wrapped around songs replete with fat choruses and wry humour. More, he's lost much of the mid-life angst that characterised 2002's "Is That All" and instead sings joyously about falling in love with himself again. A step closer to his goal - to make the best album of 1975 - it's proof that the precious intricacies of retro guitar - driven pop should not be left in the hands of amateurs and children."

MOJO © Chris Ingham

The Impulse Man

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