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Not surprising, considering World War 1 (or, indeed, 2 - but not both) could have taken place since the release of award winning "The Impulse Man". At the time of writing, co-producer and engineer Ian Shaw is mixing piano provided by Steve Brown, producer of Rumer's "Seasons Of My Soul" and perhaps best known as Glenn Ponder, Alan Partridge's (Steve Coogan) much put upon musical director.

The usual budget restrictions meant that Matt made most of the noise, but there have been kind musical contributions from friends and colleagues. There are duets with Martin Fry and Julian Lennon, who also produced his track. As befits the music, real human drumming is essential.

Elisa and Matt BackerThis was provided by the stalwart Jim Kimberley (Squeeze, Bruise, and all of Matt's albums) on most tracks, but original "Lexicon Of Love" and Rod Stewart drummer Dave Palmer helped out, as did his colleague (and Rod musical director) Chuck Kentis on grand piano. Ivories were also tickled by Adrian York (Mari Wilson, Claire Martin) and Lance Morrison (Don Henley, Alanis Morissette) demonstrated what proper bass playing sounds like. Rob Hughes (ABC, Anastasia, The London Experiment) provided tenor sax and and Geoffrey Rasmussen stepped out from his usual role as Steve Miller's tour manager to sing some male backing vocals. For female BVs, Matt persuaded Elisa Richards (Xymox, Balaam And The Angel, The Maisonettes) to return where she belongs, making wonderful sounds in front of a microphone. She is also known as Mrs. Backer.

A new track from these sessions, "Denial", can be heard can be heard at the bottom of the page.

New Music Awards 2007In November 2007 Matt won the New Music Awards Best New A/C indie artist gong which he collected at their awards ceremony in Los Angeles. In 2008 he was nominated for four further awards and performed live at the Awards ceremony.
"The Impulse Man" yielded five singles, two of which ("Oh No Don't Cry" and "Jump") reached number one on the Adult Contemporary chart and three of which topped the Independent Music Network charts. Additionally, "Oh No Don't Cry" was nominated for Crossover Of The Year in 2009 as it received some airplay on Country radio. That award didn't come in, but AC Male Artist Of The Year did. Not bad for someone who is hardly contemporary and has devoted his life to avoiding being an adult...

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